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Glenridding farewell: funeral of Mrs Holdway

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from Penrith Observer, Tue 7 Oct 1952 (slightly edited)

Glenridding lady's death

The funeral took place at St Patrick's Church, Patterdale, on Thursday, of Mrs Mary Holdway (71), of the Glenridding Hotel, who died on Tuesday after six months' illness.

Mrs Holdway, formerly Miss Barratt, of Broad Heath, Altrincham, Cheshire, was the wife of Mr Abraham Holdway. They came to Beech House, Glenridding, in the Spring of 1920, took over the Glenridding Hotel in 1928, and bought it in 1931.

During the war the hotel was entirely taken over by the Leas School, Hoylake, with Mr and Mrs Holdway as host and hostess. When the school left at Christmas 1945, after 5½ years, they presented Mr and Mrs Holdway with an inscribed silver tray and rose-bowl.

Their only son, Mr Neville Holdway, took over the hotel, with his wife, when he returned from the Forces in 1946. Since then Mr and Mrs Holdway sen. had lived in the cottage adjoining.

Of an exceptionally generous nature, Mrs Mary Holdway had been associated with almost every aspect of village life in Patterdale and Glenridding.

She was chairman of the Patterdale Conservative Association, a former president of the Women's Institute, a member of St Patrick's Church Council, a committee member of the Mothers' Union, and took an active interest in the women's section of the local British Legion.

A large congregation attended the funeral service. It was conducted by the Rev JC Rogers, rector of Patterdale, with Mrs Allen at the organ.

Family mourners were: the husband; Mr and Mrs N Holdway (son and daughter-in-law); Mrs E Wright (sister-in-law); and several nieces and nephews of both sides of the family.

Among others in church were Mr AF Fetherstonhaugh (Principal of the Leas School) and Mr S Procter (one of the headmasters of the school when it was at the Glenridding Hotel).

The numerous wreaths included those from the Leas School, Patterdale Conservative Association, the British Legion Women's section, Patterdale Women's Institute, St Patrick's Church School, and the Mothers' Union.

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