The Leas School,  Hoylake

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Photos (and contributors):

1966 School Brochure: East Front (David Bevin)
1966 School Brochure: South West Front (David Bevin)
1966 School Brochure: View to the Dee (David Bevin)
1976 view from the west (Martin Hutton)
1976 corridor outside A dormitories (Martin Hutton)
1976 changing room (Martin Hutton)
1976 gym (Martin Hutton)
1966 School Brochure: Dining Hall (David Bevin)
1950s/1970s entrance hall (David Bevin / Martin Hutton)

Sports and Activities
1948 rugby (screen-grabbed from David Paton)
1955 scouts: Badger Patrol (Ian Blake)
1956 long jump (John Prescott)
1956 high jump (John Prescott)
1959 school play: Young Chippie (Peter Bibby)
1960 cricket (Nicholas Dixon)
1960 rugby (Nicholas Dixon)
1960 tug-o-war: Dee (Nicholas Dixon)
1960 running race (Nicholas Dixon)
1961 choirboys (Adrian Stevenson)
1961/2 scout camp, Knucklas (1) (Peter Bibby)
1961/2 scout camp, Knucklas (2) (Peter Bibby)
1961/2 scout camp, Knucklas (3) (Peter Bibby)
1963 under-11 cricket (Roger King)
1966 cricket (Roger King)
1967 football (Chris Morton)
1968 rugby (Chris Morton)
1968 cricket (Gavin Bonny)
1968 football (Chris Morton)
1969 hockey (Chris Morton)
1969 rugby (Chris Morton)
1969 cricket (Gavin Bonny)
1969 football (Gavin Bonny)
1973 shooting (Peter West)
1973 cricket (Peter West)
1975 football (Martin Hutton)
1976 hockey (Martin Hutton)
1976 cricket (Martin Hutton)
1976 football (Martin Hutton)
1977 hockey (Alex Edwards)

School Photos
1958 school photo (Jonathan Thornton)
1959 school photo (Adrian Stevenson)
1960 school photo (Adrian Stevenson)
1962 school photo (Charles & Peter West)
1963 school photo (Adrian Stevenson)
1964 school photo (Adrian Stevenson)
1965 school photo (Adrian Stevenson)
1966 school photo (Charles & Peter West)
1967 school photo (Chris Morton)
1968 school photo (Chris Morton)
1969 school photo (Chris Morton)
1970 school photo (Gavin Bonny)
1973 school photo (Charles Silcock/David Bevin)
1975 school photo (Martin Hutton)
1976 school photo (Martin Hutton)

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