The Leas School,  Hoylake

Glenridding arrival: The Leas evacuated

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from Penrith Observer, Tue 2 Jul 1940

The Glenridding Hotel, Ullswater, has also undergone a complete transformation and has now become a hostel for Cheshire schoolboys. It was formerly run by the late Mr. Milcrest and has been for many years well known to Lakeland visitors.

The Leas Private Boarding School, Hoylake, Cheshire, has taken the whole of the accommodation of the hotel, which is to serve as the wartime home of both pupils and staff, its normal trade being suspended during the school's occupation. The evacuation is a private scheme by arrangement between the school authorities and Mr. A. Holdway, proprietor of the hotel, who, with his staff, will continue to be responsible for the catering and general management.

The school numbers some 93 boys, with whom are 19 adults, including the Principal and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Daltry[sic], the masters, matron and nurse. Some arrived on Wednesday and others on Thursday.

The hotel will be used only as a hostel, accommodating the whole school for meals and about 75 per cent. for sleeping, rooms being taken elsewhere in the village for the remainder. Apart from the two dining rooms and the lounge (to be used as a common room) the whole hotel has been turned into a dormitory.

For lessons the School has taken the Glenridding Parish Hall during the daytime.

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