The Leas School,  Hoylake

Francis  Norris  HUNTLEY

b 1939,  Isle of Man

Frank's father was Thomas Edward Huntley (1914-), electrical engineer; Frank was very proud of his Isle of Man heritage. Frank married Ellen Margaret Jones in July 1964, about a year after he had left The Leas.

Frank had completed his teacher training at Bristol University.

Frank taught at The Leas from 1960 to 1963, and was the live-in teacher (in the two-room suite on the top floor, opposite the top of the stairs). Frank was lithe and fit, and the headmasters must have hoped his example would raise the physical condition of the school's sports teams.

Frank's fitness showed itself in an unexpected light in a seaside rescue.

Frank was always known as Fiery Fred: his very fair hair had a reddish tinge, and perhaps the initial of his firstname made us think of Fiery Fred Trueman, England fast bowler (1957-64). Frank rode a very blue Honda motorbike with curvy windshield and fairing, which, as he was from the Isle of Man, was naturally assumed to be a TT racing bike.

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