extractor fan
scholarship boards
here by 1958
Great War
memorial dish
through door
to teachers'
private rooms
some meals from these kitchens:
NEVER any chips
(lunch always with two veg and
 boiled or mashed potatoes, roast on Sunday)
tomato slush on toast
baked beans on toast
spam (sliced processed pork/ham)
Gala pie (pork pie with boiled egg in middle)
fish-cakes (boney cotton-wool in breadcrumbs)
rissoles (like fish-cakes outside, but brown inside)
tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce
scrambled egg from powder
fried bread often sopping with oil
bacon with gristle and uncooked rind
porridge (often lumpy, sometimes watery)
kippers for breakfast
granny's arm (suet roly-poly with jam filling)
spotted dick (suet with currants and raisins)
Mersey Mud / Dee Mud (brown blancmanges)
rice pudding
frogspawn (tapioca pudding)
etc etc
for summer supper you could add
 vegetables from your own school garden
sat here
played and pedal-pumped
by the organist and music-teacher
Evelyn GREENHALGH decd
for singing practice
run by the often stentorian
Ken SUTTON decd